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I am the Technical Lead for CDL Digital Special Collections, these are some notes of mine, views expressed are my own or the original author's and do not represent my employer. http://btingle.bitbucket.org/
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“Punning” approaches attempt to cut through these disagreements by saying that the context in which the URI is used determines whether it is locating content or referring to a sense.
This practice — of manipulating data in an editor traditionally used to edit media of another format — is databending.

UCSC is working on some Omeka plugins (including for flickr, YouTube, Nuxeo, AAT, TGN, METS).

new layout system used in later day apple OSs uses constrain programming and a solver to resolve cyclic constraints. seems pretty cool

If you’re creating a custom analytics tool that integrates tightly with your system … [e]specially if you’re going to e.g. let your customers view and analyze their own data (but not see anyone else’s), Keen is a no brainer.