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I am the Technical Lead for CDL Digital Special Collections, these are some notes of mine, views expressed are my own or the original author's and do not represent my employer. http://btingle.bitbucket.org/
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UCSC is working on some Omeka plugins (including for flickr, YouTube, Nuxeo, AAT, TGN, METS).

new layout system used in later day apple OSs uses constrain programming and a solver to resolve cyclic constraints. seems pretty cool

If you’re creating a custom analytics tool that integrates tightly with your system … [e]specially if you’re going to e.g. let your customers view and analyze their own data (but not see anyone else’s), Keen is a no brainer.

Sunday, June 1, 2014, in the late afternoon I was sitting out back in the alley at the Stork Club and I had the thought “I should write a little fixity checker for my Nuxeo server.”

For the UCLDC project, we have an instance of Nuxeo set up as a staging area for content on its way to Merritt and Calisphere. For the initial phase, we have been getting content on hard-drives and then rsync-ing that to directories under /apps/content/raw_files. On disk, Nuxeo uses a content addressable naming scheme where files are saved with the md5 checksum as the filename.

None of the raw files nor Nuxeo’s files on disk files should ever change.

I have a 7TB disk on Nuxeo, that is holding my raw files and the files as imported into Nuxeo plus Nuxeo’s overhead (it creates derivatives and there are other files it needs). This disk is not getting backed up to tape (but I have a copy of the raw files on external hard drives).

I looked around on the web for a little bit, and I could not find anything that did what I wanted, so around 10 pm that night I started coding up what I thought would be just a short script I would run from cron—but it ended up being a sort of long daemon.


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